Specialty Urns

Contact us to special order a specific urn you are looking for that is not in our stock below –

Golf, Fishing, Sports Teams, Professions or Hobbies.

May require up to one week lead time.

U.S. Army Lowboy Urn MSRP $480

U.S. Army Urn MSRP $480

Fire Department Urn MSRP $480

U.S. Marine Corps Urn MSRP $480


U.S. Air Force Urn MSRP $480

U.S. Coast Guard Urn MSRP $480

Police Officer Urn MSRP $480

Live To Ride Urn MSRP $480

U.S. Navy with Flag Urn MSRP $480

U.S. Navy Ammo Box Urn MSRP $415

U.S. Navy Urn MSRP $480

Tie-Dye Marble Urn MSRP $265

Ocean Urn MSRP $265

Butterfly Urn MSRP $265

Ceramic Block Baby Urn MSRP $200

Ceramic Bunny Baby Urn MSRP $200

Ceramic Box Baby Urn MSRP $200

Ceramic Pink Baby Shoe Urn MSRP $200

Ceramic Cream Baby Shoe Urn MSRP $200

Ceramic Blue Baby Shoe Urn MSRP $200

Maple Wood Flag/Eagle Urn MSRP $290

Cherry Wood Patriotic Wall MSRP $290

Oak Wood Deer MSRP $290

Cherry Wood Deer MSRP $290

Oak Wood Doves MSRP $290

Cherry Wood Doves MSRP $290

Green Oak MSRP $295

Rose Oak MSRP $295

Purple Oak MSRP $295

Flag Maple MSRP $290

Mounted Cross Urn MSRP $315

Mini Keepsake Urns MSRP $45


Mini Keepsake Urn MSRP $45

Mini Keepsake Urns MSRP $45

Mini Keepsake Urns MSRP $45

Rose Cremation Keepsake

MSRP $80

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